The McGann brothers are very close in age. At the time this photo was taken they were aged: Joe (36), Mark (33), Paul (35) and Stephen (32). They also have a sister, named Clare. All are actors (Joe and Paul are the best known) but all four came together for the deeply moving "The Hanging Gale" which dramatises the Irish Potato Famine and the great emigration it caused. Stephen originated and co-wrote the film.

Any news about the brothers, singly or together, is welcome.

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The McGanns News

Stephen continues to add new members to his own group of admirers through his work on Emmerdale Farm. (Though, according to recent interviews with his co-star, Stephen has to shave right before romantic scenes with her, otherwise his beard stubble gives her a rash.)


Thanks to Sharon (Whobie) for this picture of the ENTIRE McGann Family.
Thanks to Sharon (Whobie) for this picture of the ENTIRE McGann Family
Mark, Stephen and JoeAs of January 25, 1999, there are now two (count 'em) singles released from the album, including 4 new songs. The brothers have gathered great praise from our members (including your faithful servant.)  For more information about ordering the singles and the album, you can either read the News page, or visit the Blackstar site (my favourite U.K. supplier of videos and CDs). Here's an interview with Mark regarding the album.

The picture above is from the inside of their album CD (from left to right: Mark, Stephen, and Joe). I don't know, I just love it. I'm not sure if it's because they're all laughing (apparently clowning around), or because it's one of the few pictures you can find of Joe really smiling and Stephen not glowering. (Okay, I'll stop being so hard on the guys. ;-)

Caz tells us:
"AND, for you in the UK, the McGanns give an interview on Teletext on channel 4 (page 144). It talks about all four, but obviously Paul wasn't there. They say that all four brothers have not been home with their mum at the same time for over 7 years. Also quite a bit about Clare. The comment is made that it must have been difficult bringing boy friends home with those four around. Joe says Clare is the most talented and most intelligent. She sings again on the single."

Click here for Caz's transcript of the Daily Mail interview.

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Reads Touching the Void (Publisher: Random House ISBN: 1856860930)

The Harpist (UK/Germany) Suspense drama. Dir: Hansjorg Thurg. A young idealistic bookseller who dreams of a different life is catapulted into an adventure beyond his imagination. Running time: 94 mins. (sadly, I don't think Stephen is our "young idealistic bookseller".)

Performed in Calamity Jane at the Sadler's Wells Theatre in London (Rosebery Ave, EC1) with Gemma Craven.

Stephen not only originated, researched and helped bring to fruition The Hanging Gale, he also created an in-depth, well-researched (and useful as research tool) website about the project, the Famine, and genealogical resources on the web. One of these days it may even get published again.

*The above picture of 'da boys' comes from an interview with Jane Oddy. The text of the article may be found here.

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