Mark McGann as Marcus Bannerman in "The Grand"Mark McGann: Film and Television

Inspector Morse: Death is Now My Neighbour

Mark plays a journalist who lives next door to the recent deceased. Could he have had a hand in her murder??

Murder Most Horrid: Smashing Bird

Okay, I haven't seen this episode. BUT, the rest of the Murder Most Horrid series is a hoot! Mark portrays a character named "Tommy". Anyone who might be willing to share a copy of this episode (since it's not available commercially yet -- *ahem* Dawn French, are you paying attention!??) do let me know!

The Grand

Probably Mark's best known role these days. He portrays the wicked Marcus Bannerman in this period drama set in a Manchester hotel in 1920. (Of course, your faithful reporter has yet to see an episode -- and wants to desperately.)

Synopsis (by Ryan Johnson):
It's Manchester 1920, and The Grand hotel has just reopened after a major remodeling as the country tries to recover from The Great War. It's a family business but things are already in trouble right from the start when a major debt is unexpectedly called in, threatening the entire enterprise. Julia St. John (The Brittas Empire's Linda) stands by her husband as he tries to deal with this, but her slimy brother-in-law [Mark McGann] wants her for himself and deals himself into the picture with a sudden loan. This ITV drama crosses the entire strata of class, from the working class maids to the upper class matron with a dark past.

John and Yoko: A Love Story

This moving telefilm was the first (and only) time for Mark to portray John Lennon, although he also did the role on stage. It's a must-see for Mark's incredible performance.

A interesting little snippet (from "Sean's Instant Karma"):
"Yoko and Sean met with the actors who would portray John and Yoko in the TV movie, John and Yoko: A Love Story. (Mark McGann and Kim Miyori) The tabloid, the Star, ran photos of Yoko and Sean with the actors and they quoted Yoko as saying: 'When (Sean) heard Mark's voice, it sounded so much like his dad that he freaked out.' Sean was quoted, 'He looks like Dad with his glasses on - and sounds like him.'"

Catherine the Great

A bit of a howl-fest, but well worth the time spent if only to see three of four McGanns in powdered wigs and 18th century costume. Mark plays Orlov, who for quite some time was Catherine's lover (Catherine the Great being portrayed in this film by the gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones). It's interesting to note that while Mark and Stephen play brothers, Paul's character, Potemkin, is related to neither. Amazing how Catherine's lovers all have that similar look...

Business As Usual

A humorous, delightful, and fun film, even though its theme, sexual harrassment and fair treatment of workers, is quite serious. Mark portrays the older son of Glenda Jackson and John Thaw (Inspector Morse). He's a dedicated socialist who helps his mom's cause (fair treatment for one of her staff, and punishment for the harrasser). Mark's best performance in the film: dressed in drag he does a monolog as Margaret Thatcher. A very young Stephen (possibly 21, although he plays a very believable 16 or 17)  is also here as Mark's young brother (imagine!). You'll laugh, you'll get mad, you'll cheer. Get hold of this film if you can!