Paul Answers Some 
Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor Who

Personal Information
Q When is your birthday?
A I was born on Saturday November 14th 1959. A friend just pointed out that this is the sixth decade I've lived in. Thanks, mate.
Q How tall are you?
A Five feet nine. Quite little, really. From a squat tribe, you see. My brothers (and sister) are all taller than me, as are most of the actresses I'm required to smootch. At such times they usually stand me on a box. Sort of keeps your feet on the ground, paradoxically.
Q What colour are your eyes?
A Blue.
Q Are you married with children?
A Yes I am. One wife, two children.
Q Favourite colour, film, food & drink..?
A I love the blue of my children's eyes, Powell and Pressburger's 'The Red Shoes', and Mediterranean peasant grub and red wine.
Q What is the birth order of the McGanns?
A Joe, July '58; Paul, November '59; Mark, July '61 and Stephen, February '63. Nice grouping--very Catholic.
Q What is your middle name?
A My middle name is John, after Pope John XXIII, 'the Beloved'. Or so I'm told.  
Q Are you a vegan?
A No, I'm not. As well as lacking the discipline, I love to eat fish.
Q What is your Agent's address?
A Gordon And French, 12-13 Poland Street, London W1V 3DE.
Or, all together now, Raymond Duck, four floors up on the Charing Cross
Road and never a job at the top of them...
Doctor Who FAQ
Q What is the colour of the Doctor's coat?
A Oh dear, I realise that whatever I say becomes sort of official, and I'm afraid I'm not sure either!  And no, I didn't acquire it at the end, mainly because they rather hoped we'd be using it again soon after... And if, by any chance, Philip Segal gets to read this: Phil, could you please take a look at the wardrobe sheet if you still keep it, and settle this matter once and for all!
Q Any chance that one day you will do a convention or a signing anywhere? 
A Short of my being knocked from my horse in a blinding light while hearing a voice telling me to go a convention, I can't quite see it happening, I'm afraid.

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