Elsa recounts the History of the PMEB
(via Dejanews postings)

I've just gone to Dejanews and done a search on "McGann" for the period of two weeks after the TVM was first shown here in the States.

Here, dear friends is a little bit of history... the PMEB rising out of RADW like a Phoenix. There were 330 messages about McGann on RADW in the period I searched. This is a very small sample.

Subject: Re: Paul McGann is a Babe!
From: Brenda V
Date: 1996/05/19

Kate O wrote:
>>Annette M wrote:
>>>I hereby volunteer to be the next companion.....Paul McGann is a major babe!!!
>> Even with that green, velvet, 19th century jacket?? ; )

>You're right. We'll have to take the jacket off.

>Anyone know how to untie a cravat?

I'm sure I could figure it out. I might have to do it a few (dozen) times. but I'm sure I could get it right.

(oh, yeah, and ESPECIALLY with that green velvet 19th century jacked. it hugged him in all the right places. oh, the mind races. <sigh, groan>)

Subject: Re: Paul McGann is a Babe!
From: Venice B
Date: 1996/05/19

On 18 May 1996, Elsa F wrote:

> Well, I believe every other female RADW regular has posted in this thread, so I might as well...

Well, not quite yet.... I was trying to refrain, but now cannot hold myself back.

> Paul McGann is the best thing since microwave popcorn. He has a
> smile that might trigger an ecological crisis if unleashed anywhere
> in the regions of the polar ice caps.

Two words: yum yum.

I have a very soft spot in my heart for blond British men. Don't ask why. So when I told my fiancee (who is not blond nor British) that Paul McGann was really really really cute, he said, "It's the hair."  No, it's really everything, the hair, the smile, the voice ("His friend had to finish it for him and it was *so* *sad*"). <grin++>

Imagine my chagrin when I found out it was a wig. A wig! It doesn't change anything, though. IT DOESN'T!

> It will be a travesty indeed if he doesn't get the opportunity to
> play the Doctor again.

Absolutely. Le sigh. Working all the demographics here.

Subject: Re: Paul McGann is a Babe!
From: Elsa F
Date: 1996/05/20

On May 19, 1996 20:46:01 in article <Re: Paul McGann is a Babe!>,
Vidiot wrote:

>Excuse me, but aren't women babes and men hunks? --

Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) is a hunk. Paul McGann is a babe. Hunkness requires a certain measure of bulging muscleness. Babeness requires a spiritual projection of fluffy-bunny melt-your-heartness.

*Special historical note: The next post is THE post that originates the idea of a fan group. The first proposed title was the Paul McGann Estrogen Squad. However, it was pointed out that if you dropped the "E" you end up with PMS... so we switched to "Brigade" soon aftern.

Subject: Paul McGann Estrogen Squad
From: Stephanie L-G
Date: 1996/05/22

Well, fangirls, it's time for us to come together. We've already admitted it -- we're stuck on Paul McGann (feet, blue eyes, gorgeous mouth, and all).

It was determined after our get-together here in Atlanta on May 14th, that, at last, we had a drop-dead gorgeous Doctor! There were about 7 of us standing around drooling about our Paul when one of the guys dubbed us "the Paul McGann Estrogen Squad" (certainly with due respect to the Patrick Stewart Estrogen Squad).

Yes! It's time to gather here, it's time be totally wet (in many senses of the word -- including chocolate ;-).

So, here is my little addition: Two films with Paul, one excellent and worthy of multiple viewings, one worth sitting through once just to see him:

1. Withnail & I
Certainly his most famous appearance. A very funny, yet quite touching film about two "resting" actors at the end of 60's who get away from London and go on holiday "by mistake" to the Lakeland. Great performance by Richard E. Grant (as Withnail) and Paul a veritable innocent & I (named Peter something).

PMES scenes to look out for:
**& I shaving in the bath
**& I (wearing only underwear, my dears) cornered by Withnail's horny uncle
Paul looks great in the kitchen, by the way

2. The Rainbow - a rather strange film by Ken Russell (aren't they all?).
It's a prequel to "Women in Love" (Glenda Jackson plays her previous character's mother in this one). It's a coming of age and sexual awareness story. The main star is Sammi Davis, who's quite good with a really annoying character. The film has it's moments -- a lot of them involving Paul who plays a Boer War Soldier (looks great in red) who is Sammi's first *male* lover. Sadly, the love scenes between them are not exactly tender --but remember, it's D.H. Lawrence.

PMES scenes:
**At the wedding (her Uncle), Paul and Sammi end up in a bedroom together. She has made some comment about being more comfortable with a half-naked savage than a soldier -- so he takes off half his uniform. *sigh* And, of course, they proceed to boff.
**Another love scene, Paul opening a bottle of wine (has to be seen to be believed.
**The dream sequence ('nuff said)

The real thing is: see Withnail & I if you want a really fine performance and a fun movie. See The Rainbow if you want to see Paul au naturel.

Unfortunately, these are the only two I've seen recently. Anyone want to comment on Three Musketeers, Alien^3, and/or Hanging Gale?

<End quotes>

There you have it folks... the birth of a phenomenon.