The Great PMEB Crest

Created by Alryssa of Gallifrey (a.k.a. Nghaire C.)
(with her heraldic interpretation)

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The colours in heraldry I thought were very appropriate. Gules (red) means divine love (and, funnily enough, martyrdom!!) so it predominates. Or (yellow) is representative of faith, generosity and improvement of the mind. Vert (green) stands for hope, joy, immortality and gladness; and argent (white) stands for innocence :) and purity *smirk* well, we like to think Paul is...pure handsome!!! *drool*

The eagle obviously represents America, where it all started; the dragon Wales, the red lion Scotland, the leopard at the top of the shield for England, the harp for Ireland (the McGanns' ancestral land) and the Liverbird for Paul's footy team. The crescent on top by the eagle is significant as it declares Paul to be the second son. (A third son has a star, a fourth a bird etc.)  The interesting group of black and white circles represent the estrogen molecule (representing...well... you know.)

Heraldic language is obscure to say the least; the shield would be described thus if it was translated into heraldic:
A dragon and lion rampant; an eagle guardant, un chief gules with leopard passant or, per pale vert with liverbird rampant; dexter half per fess; lower quarter vert, ten mullets argent; top quarter bars gules and argent.

*phew* there you have it. The quotes are on the ribbons. "Lagunum sapientia mulieres" translates loosely to: The thinking woman's crumpet (or bread.) "Unum cum ILLO in eu volumus" translates to: We want the one with HIM in it. Hope you like it.


From Alex: Views of the Estrogen molecule (with comments)
Estrogen Molecule 1 Estrogen Molecule 2 Estrogen Molecule 3
This is a space filling view, chosen for its esthetic appeal. This is is the same view but with the atoms and bonds represented in a different way. The "Executive" model.

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